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The AfroRockerz: The AfroRockerz

A mix of James Brown soul, some African Funk and a dash of 70s disco soul w/ a hint of hip hop make up the music on this album by the band AfroRockerz. Consisting of Allonymous/voc, Emma Lamadji/voc, Sylvain Daniel/b-key-prog, Julien Raulet/g-perc, Frederic Jean/dr, Maxime Zampieri/dr, Guillaume poncelet/key and Eric Durand/cong, the band is able to mix Fabulous Flame infested funk with riffing guitars and hopping horns on a tune like “Go U Go” and “Hearts and Lines” or lectronic beats and grooves with disco synth during “ Looking For Change and “ Talking In Rings.” The vocals vary from spoken verse with electro percussion grooves as on “Hearts and Lines” our vocal choruses as well as semi rap as on “For This.” Whle the mos successful piece features East African lilting guitars on the gentle “Talking In Rings” and the semi-acoustic subdued “A Peace For My World.” Sort of a cross of Donna Summer and Fela vying for space on the dance floor, with a 21st Century attitude, for better or worse.