Press Clipping
Breaking Boundaries with Funk

One of the hottest bands jumping into the world music scene in France is Paris-based The Afrorockerz. The band mixes irresistible funk with African music elements, soul, virtuosic rock and even electronic music on the final track.

The multinational band features guitarist and band leader Julian Raulet; France-based American vocalist Allonymous; co-vocalist Emma Lamadji from Central Africa; bassist, keyboardist and electronic sounds programmer Sylvain Daniel; keyboardist David Monet; and drummer Maxime Zampieri.

At times, the funk-style synths dominate the pieces. I happen to like synthesizers a lot and enjoyed the blend of retro keyboards with the more modern electronic programming.

The Afrorockerz is an impressive debut album featuring galvanizing funk music with an African flavor.