Press Clipping

Imagine Minneapolis in Lagos, at the First Avenue club that was home to Prince’s early 80’s funk years. Now meld that with the Shrine, where Fela Kuti played all night. You guessed it, massive grooves, slithering, spiny funk, and music packed with soul. Dream no more, as The Afrorockerz already have, by adding a sprinkling of New Wave madness and Zappa-style virtuosity into the music. The result is on display with glittering brilliance on their debut self-titled album, to be released on January 13th.

The brainchild of guitarist Julian Raulet – a man lauded by the legendary Tony Allen – and bassist Sylvain Daniel, The Afrorockerz was built around the concept of the groove. What started in the Parisian underground scene, the band has built its reputation and graduated from clubs to festivals, and became one of France’s breakout groups, carrying the crowds with them wherever they play.

It’s music for the urban future, gritty and dirty, but always real and pushing beyond borders. It makes the dance floor seem like a United Nations conference of some sort, a connecting of people through the power of music, the power of funk.